We are at the forefront of the dynamic Build-to-Rent segment.

We have partnered with the top developers in Build-to-Rent, those who are leading the way in building out this exciting market segment, so we know firsthand what matters:
About Build-To-Rent
Today, Asset Living has 11 B2R properties under management, totaling close to 2,000 units.
Our participation in Build-to-Rent is a natural fit.
We have decades of property management experience in more than 200 markets across the nation.

Case Study: Build-to-Rent

Hampton East

Mesa, AZ

Property hit 97% occupancy after 6-month lease-up, exceeding goal of 95%.

Property Problems
  • This was client’s first B2R property.

  • Introduce B2R product type to market.

  • Achieve highest rent/sq.ft. price in market.

  • Launch Phase 1 with 143 units with future phases planned.
Our Solutions
  • Started lease up roughly 90-120 days prior to first CofO.

  • Added premiums in each phase, increasing rates 9% 
over 6 months.

  • Higher end finishes to compete with newer 
apartment product.

  • Full marketing program: branding, website, and 
marketing collateral.

  • In-depth walk-throughs ensured perfect product delivered to resident.
Our Results
  • Lease-up completed 4 months quicker 
than anticipated.

  • Property hit 97% occupancy after 6-month lease-up, exceeding goal of 95%.

  • Success of Phase 1 lease up ensured client continued building phases 2 and 3, growing overall unit count to 350.
  • Year 1 retention of 72%, and hit a staggering 75% for 2020, versus industry average of 45%. 

  • Able to command premium pricing with rent increases averaging over 15% year over year.

  • Property operating at/below .5% delinquency during and post COVID.

We have the expertise needed to manage successful, compliant Affordable Housing